Client Accolades

"My beautiful cutting board. I love my board! You are truly gifted. Thanks again."
Carla R.

"I received this spoon as a gift and i have to say it is very well made and easy to hold. It is great for baking and cooking. It is clear that a lot of time and work has gone into John's spoon construction."

"John's workmanship and creativity show in his cutting boards. The beautiful and exotic woods that John selects make each piece unique. And even more important, after years of use, ours still looks like new. We have given several of John's cutting boards as gifts and people are always impressed that something so useful can also be so beautiful."
Mary and Hillard L.

"I think it all looks good!"
Shari F.

"I am very pleased with my cutting board. The wood grain is lovely and John crafted a lovely piece of art. I get complements whenever I have company over on this unique and lovely cutting board."
Elizabeth P.

"I bought my first spoon from John simply because it was beautiful. The craftmanship is superior - - the handle fits my hand well and the shape of the spoon is perfect. Time and use makes the color of the wood even more striking. Truly one of my favorite kitchen tools!"
Tina C.

"Thanks so much. I toted the cutting board to Pittsburgh for a wedding shower and the bride loved it. My husband and I like to give unique, high quality gifts and if they are local and / or hand crafted, so much the better. We loved finding you and not only purchasing your functional artwork for a treasured friend, we are happy to store your contact info for future purchases."
"PS, And isn't the best gift the one you are trying NOT to keep for yourself?????"

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