"Handcrafted wooden cookware
for those who love to cook."

Welcome to JW Best & Company's wooden cookware sight. I have had a little dream for several years to combine my love of woodworking with my love of cooking. Creating beautiful and functional wood tools for the kitchen seemed like a natural fit for me. I started with a cutting board I made several years ago for our kitchen. I still use it every day and I love it. The desire to make wooden spoons eventually came to me also. This time, because I could not find a commercial wooden spoon that was comfortable in my hand, aesthetically pleasing and worked well for my various needs in the kitchen.

Take a look at my wooden cookware. Whether you are a serious home cook or just like to prepare the simplest of meals, my goal is to create beautiful wooden cookware that will enhance your cooking experience. Feeling one of my wooden spoons in your hand, serving a wonderful bread, creating a display of cheese and fruits, or chopping vegetables and herbs, each of these activities will be more enjoyable knowing you are using a quality wooden kitchen tool.

JW Best & Company, "wooden cookware for those who love to cook".

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